Is it normal if sperm has strong odor?

The answer to this question depends on the way your semen actually smells like. Men and their partners are often too concerned about the smell of their semen, the fluid that carries the sperm. Just because they do not really know what the actual smell should be like, they often consider their semen to be smelling inappropriately and something to be really wrong with them.

Normal smell of semen

Yes, semen is supposed to smell like chlorine and bleach.

Probably the most common smells that are associated with semen are swimming pools, hospitals, cleaning chemicals, laundry rooms and other similar things and places. This is the normal smell of your semen. Yes, semen is supposed to smell like chlorine and bleach. So, if that is the usual smell of your ejaculate, then it is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with you.

Semen contains ammonia and other sterile-smelling alkaloids and this is the reason why it smells like your store-bough cleanser. However, your semen may smell differently on different occasions as well.

Diet and semen smell

Although it cannot be said for sure, some men and their partners report that the smell of their semen differs depending on what they eat. For example, some men find that drinking pineapple juice makes their semen smell sweet. The amount of liquid that you drink also seems to contribute to the smell of your semen.

However, all these things are just heresy and nothing can actually be said for sure. If you want, however, you could try and see if including sweet fruits makes a difference in the way your ejaculate smells. You should probably also avoid smoking or drinking the day you plan on having sex since it may make it smell weird.

Again, no one knows for sure whether cigarette or alcohol does indeed have an effect on the smell of your semen. So, the best thing to do is to experiment and see what you find.

Smell may vary on different occasions

The smell of your ejaculate may also vary depending on other factors such as your overall health and medications. Men also sometimes find that their semen tends to smell strongly when they haven’t ejaculated for a long time. It also seems to depend on the quantity of the semen released during an orgasm.

Again, nothing can be said for sure so it is totally up to you to try and see if these factors have any effect on the smell.

Fishy and foul smell is not normal

Sometimes, men and their partners report that the semen smells foul and strong and fishy. This is not something normal. As mentioned above, foods and liquids may have an effect on the smell of your ejaculate but they will never make them smell fishy. So, if the smell is foul and fishy, it is probably time to consult a doctor.

Foul smells are usually associated with infections of the prostrate gland or other organs of the male reproductive system. If the smell is accompanied with a change in color of the ejaculate to red, brown, yellow or green, you definitely have an infection. It is time to consult a physician and get a diagnosis done.

Mask the smell of your ejaculate

If you are not happy with the normal chlorine and bleach-like smell of your semen, you could try to mask the smell by using scented condoms. You could also spread a sweet aroma in the bedroom by lighting scented candles or using incense and room sprays. It will not only help mask the smell of your ejaculate but also increase the arousal levels of your partner.

So, if your cum smells like chlorine and bleach, there is nothing to worry about. If it smells bitter because you have just had alcohol or you smoke a lot, just ditch these two things. If it smells foul and fishy, you better consult your doctor.

Also, make sure to maintain good hygiene down there. If the area around the penis is not properly cleaned, it may emanate a smell when you ejaculate. In this case, it is coming not from your semen but the area around the penis. So, make sure to clean your groin area thoroughly, especially after you ejaculate during sex or during masturbation.

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