Sperm volume pills – Scam or solution

If you are a man worried about the amount of your ejaculation, you may want to try semen volume pills. Whether they actually work or not is something that you will only know once you give these a try. Many men have, however, bought it to check out if they really are effective in increasing semen and sperm production. Some of them have had great success, some haven’t been so fortunate. So, do semen volume pills really work? Let’s find out.

Why men would want to try semen volume pills?

Most of the volume pills available in the market are made of natural and herbal ingredients.

Most of the volume pills available in the market are made of natural and herbal ingredients. They are designed to basically increase the amount of your ejaculation. Now, most people would want to know why men would want to increase their ejaculation amount.

Well, most men would just like to increase the ejaculation amount for intensifying their pleasure and making a good impression on their partner. It is believed that women like to see large amounts of ejaculation both for evolutionary purposes as well as pleasure purposes. It not only increases their pleasure but also enhances their chances of conceiving. This is why men would really like to ejaculate a large amount during their sexual encounters.

An intense and voluminous orgasm is also something that makes men want to do something to experience it more and more often. They have seen X-rated movies and they want to experience the same amount of pleasure and get the same amount of ejaculation and they want to experience it again and again. This is why most men would reach for a product that promises to increase the intensity of their orgasms by increasing their seminal volume.

These volume pills are especially attractive for men who are taking antidepressants and have to face sexual side-effects such as low libido and difficulty in achieving an orgasm, or having an unsatisfactory orgasm. Since there are really no approved prescription drugs for these side-effects, men tend to go for these purely natural and herbal volume pills that promise to increase seminal volume and intensify their orgasms.

Another reason why a man may reach for a semen volume pill is that he wants to conceive. These volume pills promise to increase the amount of sperm cells released per ejaculation by increasing the amount of semen. The higher the seminal volume, the higher may be the chances of conception. Men with low sperm count or those who have had difficulties getting their wife pregnant are especially likely to go for these products.

What are the claims made by the volume pill manufacturers?

Most of the volume pill manufacturers claim that it can increase seminal volume up to 500%. It can increase the intensity of your orgasms. It also is believed to increase your sexual desire and sexual appetite.

Men with low sperm count can actually benefit from these since they increase sperm count and improve their fertility. These also seem to alter the appearance of the semen quality by making it healthier, creamier, and thicker.

Do these semen volume pills really work?

Men who have actually used this product claim that they have indeed benefited from these products. This is probably the reason why more and more men are going for these products. They seem to notice an improvement in their ejaculation amount and the intensity of their orgasms.

However, before you actually buy one of these products, check out their ingredients. Make sure that they do not contain any chemicals or ingredients that could cause more harm than good. Even with all-natural and herbal ingredients, you should be careful. There may be herbs that you are allergic to or may cause a reaction when you begin consuming these volume pills. It is, of course, advisable to consult a qualified medical practitioner before you begin using these pills.

Keep in mind that most of these pills contain ingredients that are considered to be beneficial for your overall health, especially your sexual health. So, if you just increase the intake of minerals such as zinc and vitamins such as vitamin C, you may anyway notice an increase in your seminal volume.

Should you be trying these pills?

Firstly, these products are not approved by the FDA, so they may have unknown side-effects. The claims of the manufacturers that they increase semen volume, improve semen count, and intensify orgasms are their claims and they haven’t been clinically tested out. So, you will have to rely on actual consumers who may or may not have benefited from the volume pill that you wish to buy.

The bottom line is that men have benefited from semen volume pills and the manufacturers do claim that these are all-natural products. So, the chances of side-effects, if any, should be minimal.

So, try it out for yourself and check out if they do actually increase your ejaculation amount. If they do help and don’t cause any side-effects, you have found a goldmine. If they don’t work or you experience any side-effects, just stop using them and consult your physician.

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