What does semen taste like?

The simple answer to this question is taste it and find out. Whether a woman likes the taste of a man’s semen during oral sex or while swallowing depends on a lot of factors. However, it is generally believed that the taste of semen is slightly salty and warm. Since it is high in sugar, it may smell slightly sweet as well.

Depends on your taste buds

Rest may very well depend on which part of tongue you taste the semen. Yes, the taste may actually depend on which part of the tongue you use to taste the semen. So, if you don’t want to taste the saltiness of your man’s fluids and still want to please him with oral sex and swallowing, just experiment and take it in a part of the tongue where you can’t really feel the taste of the semen.

Other descriptions of semen taste

Some women may describe the taste of cum as something like a store-bought cleanser. Semen does smell like chlorine or like bleach so it may be that it tastes like that too for some females.

Then there are others who describe the taste of semen as bitter or like beer or even acidic, which brings us to the fact that what the man eats may actually play a role in the taste of his cum.

Food may have a role to play

While the taste should be slightly salty and warm generally, these varied tastes could be because of what the man puts into his own body at other times.

For example, cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs may make a man’s ejaculate taste bitter. Similarly, beef and pork are also considered to make it taste bad and saltier. Another common culprit is caffeine which may also be responsible for the bitterness in the ejaculation fluid.

Similarly, foods with high sulfur content such as broccoli and cabbage are considered to make it bitter. Dairy products are also believed to increase the saltiness, so if a man is consuming too much of it, his ejaculate will probably not taste that good.

A man who is too fond of foods with strong odor such as garlic or onions may also have strong-smelling and bad-tasting semen.

On the other hand, there are foods that are said to improve the tasteless, slightly salty normal flavor of semen. Cinnamon and pineapple juice are considered to be two of the best foods for improving the taste of a man’s ejaculate. Any food that is high in sugar content will probably make the taste of cum a little sweeter and tastier. Wheatgrass, parsley, lemon, and peppermint could also sweeten the taste of a man’s ejaculation fluid.

Liquids may have a role

The quantity of water that a man consumes on a daily basis is also supposed to have a role in the taste of his cum. It also increases the amount of seminal fluid that you produce, so make sure to consume plenty of liquids and fruit juices. If you like to increase your volume taking herbal supplements may help.

Healthy body determines the taste of the semen

If your body is healthy, your semen is more likely to taste good or at least normal. So, keep all your medical conditions under check by getting proper treatment. Furthermore, the medications you take may also make your ejaculate taste bitter or excessively salty. While there is probably not much you can do here, you could probably try compensating by drinking lots of sweet fruit juices.

Experiment with different foods

Of course, keep in mind that whether your partner likes the taste or not will depend a lot on her taste buds as well. Some may prefer the excessive saltiness while others may like it to taste sweet.

Also keep in mind that the fact that food may vary the taste of a man’s ejaculate is not something that has been researched. So, there are no hard and fast rules here. It purely depends on your own experience and yours and your partner’s taste buds.

You should also know that just like your sweat, your cum also has a basic taste. That is slightly salty. So, anything that you do to improve its taste will at best be temporary. So, even if you eat cinnamon to make it taste sweet, it will only last for as long as the food is in your system. Once the food is out of the system, the taste will return to its normal flavor.

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